A downloadable frog game for Windows

Originally released the 17th of May, 2013, this was a school assignment made for a competition. 

Play as Willie Frogzorz as he embarks on a journey to save his girlfriend. In this short game, you must eat fireflies to maintain stamina, avoid crocodiles, fish, and swarms of fireflies to survive, and collect hats to gain extra lives. Don't stand on the lilypads for too long, though!

Resolution is a whopping 320x240 (!), if I remember correctly.

(I'd recommend muting the game while you play it)

Install instructions

- Extract the contents of "WillieFrogzorz.rar".

- Open the extracted "Willie Frogzorz" folder. 

- Install "setup.exe".

- Open "Project Willie Forgzorz.application" to play the game.


WillieFrogzorz.rar 460 kB

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